Lagoon- & Trifid Nebula (M8 and M20) from Nant, South France

The overwhelming star region Saggitarius contains the Trifid- and the Lagoon nebulae. The Trifid (Trifid = Divided into three parts) nebula is composed of an emission nebula (red portion),  a reflection nebula (the blue portion) and a dark nebula (the dark gaps). Star formation between the dust- and gas lanes takes place. The distance is approximately 5200 light years.

The Lagoon nebula is about 7000 light years away, and was discovered in 1747 by Claude Gentil. It is very faintly visible by the naked eye as a cloudy patch.

The picture is taken by a f/6.5 65mm quadruplet telescope at Nant, in Southern France