Bode nebulae


Johann Elert Bode (1747 – 1826) Was a true autodidact. He never attended school, despite this he became interested in mathematics, geography and Astronomy. When Johann was only 19 years old, his first publication came out, treating the solar eclipse of August 1766. In 1768, he published a popular book “Anleitung zur kenntnis des gestirnten Himmels”. In 1772 Johann went to Berlin and accepted the position of calculator with the title of professor at the university of Berlin.
In 1774 Johann got married with his first wife Johanna Christiane Lange and discovered the M81 and M82 galaxies. In the years following he discovered more objects and contributed on several publications.

M81 (left) is the largest galaxy of the M81 group which consists of 34 galaxies. M82 (right) is a so called “star burst galaxy” in which the star formation is a factor 10 higher than usual, caused bij gravitational forces originating from M81 and NGC 3077.

The images are taken with a f/5.3 190mm Orion MakNewt telescope on a Losmandy G11 mount. It took 2 nights to expose due to the short nights in Summer at Noord Scharwoude (Netherlands)