Sun in Ha with large filaments 18th feb 2013

In 2013 there is a lot of solar activity can be expected. Very clearly an enormous Quiet Region Filament (QRF) can be seen. Both images were taken with a Lunt 60mm pressure tuned, single stack telescope using a DMK31 camera. The bottom image required an additional Meade/Robtics 3x apochromatic Barlow, but is unfortunately not in focus.


  1. The images were aligned and stacked by means of Registax, using the best  20% of 1000 frames.
  2. By means of Astrasoft image processing software, a Lucy Richardson / Moffat deconvolution filter was applied.
Following processing steps are applied with thanks to Andre van der Hoeven:
  1. In photoshop: applied gamma correction: Levels -> blue gamma 0.3, red 2.5 Levels –> blue gamma 0.5, red 2.0
  2. Finally high pass filtering applied: Created two copies of the original layer: layer 1: highpass filter r=7 pixels, mode= overlay, luminosity 30%; layer 2: higpass filter r= 40 pixels, mode= soft light, luminosity = 30%.